Tim & Jessica

I got to help out my best friend and photographer Danielle Strickler at an adorable couples shoot on the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Tim and Jess were really awesome to work with and even willing to shove me into an impossibly small seat on the Ferris Wheel to get some great shots! It was interesting doing a shoot in such a large area and with so many people around and I definitely learned a lot. The 50mm really came in handy because we had to shoot really close and started to lose daylight at the very end. Overall, it was a great learning experience and I am in love with the ticket booth photo! Make sure to check out Dani Strickler Photography at http://danistricklerphotography.com/

Pascual Family Headshots

I met the lovely Pascual family on a sunny afternoon in July and had an absolute blast! Aside from being a beautiful family, the kids were so cooperative and loved having their pictures taken. The family needed headshots for a pageant they are entering soon and I think we got some really great ones!

Marcus Fletcher’s Senior Pictures

I met Marcus in high school and we became really close friends with the amount of time that we spent together in art classes. Marcus is a wonderful, creative person who is very near and dear to my heart. We recently spent a lot of time together painting a mural for a Chinese Buffet here on the Eastern Shore and I enjoyed every minute. He just graduated from Old Dominion University and landed a fantastic job in Baltimore. I wish him the very best of luck. I decided to go to downtown Onancock to do this shoot, which worked out wonderfully. There are so many nooks and crannies that provided for great photo backdrops and the very last photo that I took ended up being my favorite (fourth image in series). I will certainly be visiting Onancock again!

Cassie – Portrait Session

My cousin Cassie is a stunner and always willing to let me snap a few pictures of her at family gathering! The lighting was just perfect and I could not pass up a chance to use my new 50mm 1.2 Canon lens. It is wonderful and worth every penny.

Jon Combs – Headshots

I met Jon a little over two years ago at JMU when I started working for Technology and Design (TAD) and he is one of the most talented people I know. I’m convinced that Jon Combs could probably rule the world if he wanted to. His cinematography, videography, and photography will all blow your mind. Make sure to check out his work at http://www.joncombs.com

Blake Lam’s Senior Portraits

I met Blake about a year ago when he started working for the Technology and Design (TAD) office and he is one fantastic individual. Not only does he have mad web developing skills, he also is a fantastic designer and the reason I have a website! Make sure to check out his work at http://blakelam.com

Danielle Strickler’s Senior Portraits

I honestly do not know if I could have made it through senior year of college without this young lady! She is always a pleasure to be around and is also a fantastic photographer in her own right! Make sure to check out her work at http://www.danistricklerphotography.com

Hannah England’s Senior Portraits

Right before we graduated in May, I took my former roommates senior college portraits. She is amazing to work with, a fabulous graphic designer, and always brings along her ever creative eye. Make sure to check out Hannah’s work at http://www.hannahenglandcreates.com