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September 3, 2018

Griffin | Senior

Tomorrow is either the day you have been waiting for or the day that you have been dreading. It’s the first day of school! I figured this would be a great time to share Griffin’s Senior Session with you guys on the blog this morning. We had absolutely perfect weather for this shoot last week. The humidity was down and the temperature was nice and cool, which was a nice break from the stifling weather we have had all summer. Since soccer is an important part of Griffin’s life, we started at Nandua High School soccer field. Griffin was a natural in front of the camera and came up with a couple great posing ideas. I photograph a lot of girl senior sessions and I really love when I book guy sessions because I get to be creative in different ways.

After we left Nandua, we headed down to my favorite wall in downtown Onancock. I just love the way people photograph in front of that wall! It’s something about the texture and color of the wood that just look amazing together. We also traveled to the bridge to take a couple shots and ended at the wharf. If you scroll down to the end, you can see that we had a photo bomber friend in the last two shots. Griffin, I hope you have an amazing Senior Year of high school! For all of you that are going back to school as well, I hope you have a productive and exciting year ahead of you! Thanks for stopping by!

I was trying to find numbers on the track that held some sort of significance for this one. After trying a few options, I realized that Griffin’s jersey number is 12 and voila!

You guys, seriously though, I love the wall of this building. If they decide to take it down or paint over it I’m going to be really bummed.

If you look over to the bridge in the background, you can see the outline of a heron on the railing that decided to photobomb us. That was 100% not planned. As I was editing through, I noticed him perched up there.

Are you interested in having Erin Ayres Photography capture your senior session?! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at erinayresphotography@gmail.com!

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