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July 12, 2013

Film Fix – Toy Thursday

So today for Film Fix, I decided to devote my post to all things toy this Thursday! All of these images were taken when I went on a lovely walk/photography adventure with Dani Strickler, my photographic partner in crime and Film Fix Blog post co-creator. The film is thirty five millimeter Lomography Color processed through Film Box Labs. Her little brother had all of his toys in the yard, so we discreetly borrowed a few for some subject matter. I promise we put them back! The little badger dude came from Danielle’s mom because she is just an awesome lady, and wanted to give us some subject matter. I found the little motorcycle man just lying in the dirt like he had crashed up against the tree. I think that image is my favorite. The dinosaur was buried half in the dirt so I excavated him, and we carried him along with us on our walk. I like how he was already very natural and dirty looking.

Using toys in photographs reminds me of tilt shift photography. For those of you that are not familiar with that term Tilt Shift Photography, you can check out this Wikipedia page to learn lots more! Here is a simple explanation if your not that interested. Tilt Shift Photography is when you have a photograph of a life-size location or object that is manipulated to give an optical illusion of a photograph of a miniature scale model. This can be done though the use of very complex lenses, cameras, and even in programs such as Photoshop! This website has a great tilt shift gallery full of awesome examples!

Danielle and I also had a professor at JMU that had a whole body of photographic work around Toy Portraits. Her name is Corinne Diop, and be sure to check out her work as well! I hope you enjoy the toy work! Maybe it will inspire you to channel your inner child and break out that camera. As always feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and be inspired!









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