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August 21, 2017

Strickler Family and Maternity Session

Honestly, every time I look at these pictures it makes me a little teary eyed. It’s probably because I love all three and soon to be four of these people so much! Danielle and I met in college at JMU where we both studied photography, and she is pretty much my person. We were even born on the same day, so basically it was destiny for us to meet or so we like to think! We live about six hours away from each other now, but there is always a photo session involved when we get together. These two lovebirds are welcoming a little girl to their family of four in October and I can’t wait to watch them grow as a family.

We went down to the river because I have been dying to shoot a maternity session in the water. I also had this vision of a floral maxi in the water so Danielle humored me and agreed to let me pick out her dress. I told you she’s my person. I found this gorgeous floral maxi on PinkBlush Maternity and it fit my vision perfectly. Honestly, the lighting, it made me giddy. That golden light falling on Danielle when we took her maternity portraits just took my breath away, plus I was also shooting the most gorgeous momma to be.

I think the thing that touches me the most with these pictures is how these wonderful people look at each other with such love. If these portraits with Danielle and Riley don’t make your heart swell up with happiness, I’m not sure what will. As gorgeous as the dress was, the candid shots that we took at the end just captured the three of them so perfectly. It’s not always about those perfectly styled moments people. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying the moment and being one another that is perfect. No Riley’s were harmed in the making of those throwing photographs!

Make sure you scroll all the way down to the end of this post. I have a little throwback for y’all.

And finally a throwback to the first session I did with these two lovebirds. I wanted to have some bride and groom pictures for my portfolio so Danielle and Bucky dressed up in their wedding duds and modeled for me in a field. Honestly, I probably had no idea what I was doing, but I love looking at how far all of us have come.


  1. Tam Strickler says:

    Amazing photos as always! How can we purchase prints?

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