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October 22, 2012

Hannah – Senior Sample Shoot

Isn’t my sister so lovely and photogenic? She has had to put up with a lot having a sister who is a photographer. Like the time I made her lay down in a creek, in the woods, back behind our house in fifty degree weather. Yeah, she is a good sport. She knows that her sister is just another crazy, crackpot artist who will not be satisfied until she lays down in a smelly creek and takes pictures of her with a camera that weighs the size of a small car. Lucky for me she likes to have her picture taken! I did not inherit that trait. Not everything runs in the family.

Want to see the full set? http://www.flickr.com/photos/erinayres/sets/72157631657286256/

Here is the water picture I mentioned before where I made my sister lay down in the water. I nearly had a heart attack when this showed up in the developer. 8 x 10 Format is simply beautiful.


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