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October 25, 2012

Wessells Family Session

I was so excited when the Wessells family contacted me about doing a family shoot. Most of the family attends the church that I have gone to since I was three, and I was really looking forward to working with the new little additions to the family. They are absolutely adorable! This is the biggest family session that I have ever done, the biggest being three, and I was extremely nervous on how to pose people. After perusing Pinterest for a little while, I had a few solid ideas for the large group in mind and the rest just came naturally. You find out really quickly with big groups what works and what doesn’t. For most of the shots, I used my 24 to 70mm lens and the others I used the 50mm. The sun, even at 5 pm, was still reflecting off of the water really badly so I had to do some burning and dodging in the end to get the pictures exactly how I wanted them. I also learned to shoot a lot of photographs when you are working with large families, especially ones with small children. I know you can head swap in Photoshop, but it’s just easier to have a wide variety of facial expressions to choose from.

This little one fell asleep during the final pictures of the shoot. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of him sleeping!

Look at that face! I’m so glad that I went the morning of the shoot to pick up some pumpkin props.

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