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March 28, 2018

Hannah + Derek | Engagement

It’s only 60 days left till these two tie the knot! It’s hard to believe that my baby sister is getting married this May. When we started brainstorming about where to to take their engagement pictures, I knew I wanted it to be somewhere unique that I had never photographed before. A couple of years ago, I spotted this chimney standing alone in the middle of a field and I knew I had to do a session here. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about it. After some help from friends, I was able to contact the owner of the property and get permission to photograph on the property.

I love the connection that Derek and Hannah have with one another. They were naturals in front of the camera and we shared a lot of laughs together, especially when I taught Derek, “the nuzzle”. Not only did we have the beautiful chimney, but there were a lot of unique spots for us to use around the property. I’m glad we had a blanket to shoot with because it was a little bit chilly!

Derek and Hannah met back in high school but never considered dating at the time. Years went by and they crossed paths again at the Arcadia High School Rock and Roll Show. Derek’s youngest brother Cody was in the show and Hannah was co-producing it when Derek walked back stage one night. He definitely caught her eye and she apparently caught his. They exchanged greetings that day and several weeks later she got her first Facebook message from him. They instantly hit it off, and before they knew it, they were going out on their first date. There was no denying the connection, spark, and attraction that was there from the very beginning.  After that well, there’s only, “And then they lived happily ever after……..”

Hope you guys enjoyed this shoot! If you want to check out Hannah and Derek’s Wedding Website, it’s in the link below!


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