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August 11, 2018

Green Valley Farm

As soon as I pulled into the driveway of Green Valley Farm, I felt like I was home. When I first heard about the new venue here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I sent a contact email reaching out to the owners about touring the venue and taking some promotional images of the Farm. Chelsea quickly emailed me back and invited me down! I was super excited to see everything in person, take some images, and then share this with y’all!

I love that new venues are popping up here on the shore, especially ones that embody the beauty and feel of our little area so perfectly. When we first met, Chelsea gave me a big hug and I felt like we were old friends. Chelsea and Tyler made me feel so welcome in their home. The time, love, and energy that they have poured into Green Valley Farm is apparent in every aspect of the venue. Chelsea walked me through the farm and then turned me loose with the camera. Just from talking with her for a few minutes, I could tell that this place is her passion. We talked about all the changes that have occurred on the farm since they purchased it and all their dreams and ideas to come. If you would like to learn more about Chelsea and Tyler you can click here! https://www.greenvalleyfarmevents.com/about-the-owners/

From a photographer’s viewpoint, there are endless portrait possibilities on the venue. From the tall mature trees to the rustic barn, there is a backdrop that can correlate to any type of feel that you want to achieve for your wedding or event. Everywhere you turn there are blooming flower gardens, lush green pastures, and effortless farmhouse charms. I’ve added a few little notes and ideas under a handful of images just to get you brainstorming on how this gorgeous venue could be the perfect fit for you! If you would like to learn about Information and Pricing, you can click here! https://www.greenvalleyfarmevents.com/pricing/

As you scroll through these images, I hope that you feel the same attraction and love that I did for this beautiful place. If you are planning a wedding or event or know someone who is, make sure to share this post with them! Or as it goes on the Shore, word of mouth is always good too! If you want more information or to contact Chelsea or Tyler, I have listed their site below! Thanks for stopping by the blog and showing it some love!


or be sure to check them out on Instagram:


This was in the driveway as soon as I pulled up to the house! How perfect would this be for bride and groom portraits!

I am totally in love with this barn. It has so many endless possibilities for portraits.

This would be an absolutely beautiful backdrop for a ceremony or tented reception!

Or you could face this way and have the sunset and horse pasture as your backdrop!

This space could be perfect for your guests to mingle around the bar and sip on something delicious!

Isn’t this farmhouse just beautiful? I know Joanna Gaines would approve.

Imagine your guests arriving to your venue on the big day!

You would have some stunning bridal portraits in this garden area, especially with the crepe myrtle trees in bloom.

How gorgeous is this willow tree? It would be perfect for a ceremony space or bride and groom portraits.

This was one of my favorite views of the entire farm. It just took my breath away.

Can you imagine your ceremony under this tree? That magic hour glow is simply perfect!

The bride and her girls could get ready in this adorable guest cottage! Green Valley Farm is also an Air BNB!

Feel like Green Valley Farm could be your dream venue?! Go check them out and drop them a line now!


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